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She Gave Him Oral…

And now he’s with her sister…


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Dear Natasha,

A few years ago, I went on a coupe of dates with a guy. Both times I gave him oral. What can I say, I was young & having fun.

He was actually a cool guy, but not the guy for me. As weird as this might sound, I set him up with my sister. She had tickets to a concert and her friend backed out, so I said I have a cute guy for her. I didn’t expect anything to come of it.

They ended up getting together. I could hardly look at him in the eye. And I felt like I was hiding something from my sister. I was able to manage for a while because I moved away to another state. Fast forward full 2 years later. I just moved back. And my sister just told me she is marrying Shawn.

I honestly still feel like I’m hiding something from her. I’m writing to ask what you think would make me the better sister… letting her know that I had relations with her fiancé before they get married? Or, just keep it to myself because it meant nothing to me. What does worry me, is that one day he might tell her and then she comes to me asking why I never told her.


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