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Her Massive Debt!

She was lying to me…


Chris discovered his new wife was hiding a massive credit card debt! Watch the video to hear the details. Listen to The Dog House podcast where I read some of your comments and give my advice on podcast #18!

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Dear Natasha,

Let me start by saying, I’m a pretty relaxed type guy. It takes a lot to get me upset, but right now I am beyond livid due to my wife lying to me.

I met my wife Aria a year and two months ago. I fell in love hard and fast. After 9 months of dating, we both knew we wanted to get married. I said jokingly, several times, just make sure you don’t hit me with any surprises. She said, “No way… what you see, is what you get!”

Last month I opened a credit cad statement of hers and saw she owes 25 thousand dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I demanded to know how much other debt she has and it turns out she has $50,00 total and has shitty credit.

I’m so pissed! It took me years to save $35,000 so I could one day buy a house. And now instead of getting a home I’m facing the decisions of whether or not I should waste my money on her debt and still end up 15k in the hole.

I told her I’m not paying for it. She needs to get 5 jobs if she has to, but I’m not paying of it. I feel like a jerk now because I went off on her like I never have on anyone, but I also feel like this is allnout deception on her part. I love her very much but it has changed the way I look at her. I hope my negative feeling about her is temporary.

I wanna kow what you think I should do. Do I make her pay for it?or is this my big problem now?

By the way, I’ve been a fan for along time and I love that you have joined a couple of radio shows. It’s awesome to hear the girl I usually only see.


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