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Should I Turn Him In?

It’s not fair…


Dear Natasha,

I wanted your opinion on a work situation I have. I’ve been at the same job for 5 years. Two weeks after I started, another guy got hired in our warehouse.

I instantly hit it off with this guy. We hung out a lot for a couple of years. Then, because I had a new baby, we hung out a lot less. We still say “hi” at work, but rarely ever hang out anymore.

Last March, he claimed he got hurt in our warehouse. I instantly felt like he was faking it. He hasn’t been at work since then but he’s getting paid on WORKMAN’S COMP. Not only that, I saw him with my own eyes playing basketball over the holidays. I’ve heard from 2 other people he’s faking his injury.

My question is, should I turn him in? I have to work hard to EARN my living. And, I’ve always hated people that take advantage of the system. But, he was a friend. I’m not sure why I think about it so much, but it really bugs me.

Thank you,


Dear Aaron,

Although most of the comments say to turn your ‘friend’ in, I wouldn’t feel right giving you that advice.

I do believe in doing what is right. Like you, I also don’t like people that take advantage of the system. It becomes the burden of others to pay for.

The thing is, you don’t know what this will lead to for the other individual. Will it just cut off the money? Or will it lead him going to jail, which your friend would lead to him not being able to find work for years in the future? It’s easy to say, “well that’s what he deserves.” Then what? Will you get some satisfaction out of him going to jail? Probably not.

I think you are frustrated when you compare your life to his. You see how hard you are working and he doesn’t have to. But, if you turn him in, your situation will not change. You will still have to work hard and take care of this new child you have. If you look at this honestly, his situation does not affect your life in any way. I’m glad that you admitted that you can’t stop thinking about it, because it’s one of the biggest problems people have… worrying about what other people are doing. We constantly compare ourselves to others at work, friends, old classmates, celebrities and more. We can all easily get mad when we think to ourselves, “How the hell did HE or SHE get that, when I don’t have it!”

The better advice I can give is, work on not letting other people’s situations bother you. That energy would be better spent on what you want out of life and how you can get there. That is something that will make you feel better in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, if you know about a kid being abused or you see someone push down an elderly woman, inset yourself… they need you. But in this situation, I think you should remember that he was your friend. And as a friend, maybe you should say, “Hey buddy, I just wanted to let you know that some people have been talking about you faking a claim, and I saw you out playing basketball. I’d hate to see you go to jail, so, maybe it’s time to get back to work.” Or, if you don’t feel comfortable saying that, I would walk away and concentrate more on what makes you happy and less on what makes you mad.

Hope this helps …. you know I’m here for ya, because IMYAGirl! – Natasha


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