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Fantasy Girl

My girlfriend has no idea…

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Hey Natasha,

I’m a big fan.  I never thought I’d write you for advice, but I am now, based on some things you have said..

Awhile back, a friend of mine turned me on to you.  He also told me that you used to have a membership site, where your fans could download pics of you.  I was interested in getting a membership, but you didn’t have one any more, so I looked up another girl.  I’ve been a part of her site for 3 years.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 years.  She doesn’t know that I have this crush on a model and look at her photos all the time.  I feel like it’s no big deal and it’s just a fantasy thing.  But you have said on several occasions that you expect and deserve to know the truth from the man you love.  You said you would want your man to communicate everything, even his fantasies.  You said you wouldn’t fault a man for having fantasies, because that’s a part of who he is.

I think what you don’t understand Natasha, is that most girls are not understanding like you are.  They are not going to be cool with their man having a fantasy girl off to the side that they pay to look at.

So, what do I do?  Continue to keep this from her because it fulfills the taboo corner of my mind?  Or do what you have suggested before and admit I have a fantasy girl? I hate lying, now that I know how you feel about it, but I’m risking my girl going ape shit and thinking that she’s been dating a pervert for the last 2 years?

BTW, if you still had a site, you would have been my first choice! LOL


Winner of the Dub’s basketball:  Joaquin Castillo

Cypher Redd,

Thank you for the letter. Thank you for saying I WOULD HAVE been your fantasy girl, if I still had a membership site. 😉

I am a big believer in the truth. Right now, however, I don’t think you are lying about anything. As long as a man’s fantasy is not affecting his relationship, I think it is fine. I think it becomes wrong if you obsess about the fantasy girl all the time.

If the day comes that you get married, you will have to discuss it, especially if you share finances. I don’t like couples that hide things from one another once they are married.

If your lady asks you what the money is for, you should either explain it… or if you are too afraid, then let it go. But, if you say it’s for something else and then spend it on a girl, then I find it lying.

There were some great responses to your letter. I would recommend that you read through them. Many of us were on the same page. I hope the combination of everyone’s feedback helps.


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