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How To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

I want her to see me as more…


Dear Natasha,

Ok I have a lot of female friends, I tend to get along with woman more. I love being around woman. Some of them are my closest friends, but we have a kind of inside joke that I’m always in the friendzone. When other women come around hear this, they automatically put me there. I don’t mind being friends with my current friends, but it’s starting to effect other opportunities for me maybe meeting the woman I might like to have something with…so how do I get out of the friendzone or deal with this issue… Thanks.




Hi Shane “my friend”,

Kidding! So yes, I agree, you gotta get out of that damn “friend zone!” You’ve been there so long and your crew is so used to seeing you there, that you’ve been programmed to kinda keep it at that level. No more! I want you to say this mantra a few times before you are about to meet a new girl, “Man Up Shane”.  I want you to say that because you aren’t a kid that needs any more friends. You want a woman and that means you have to be a man.

What does “Man Up” mean? It means don’t be afraid. I think you stay in the “friend zone” with a lot of these girls because it’s safe. It’s a place where you get to be around these girls and they won’t reject you. Stop playing it safe Shane. You don’t get AMAZING things in life by playing it safe. You don’t get big promotions or own companies by playing it safe. You don’t win the Super Bowl by playing it safe every single play. Of course, when you leap for great things in the sky, you can fall. So? Do it again. I look at it like this….if I DON’T go for the thing my heart desires, my life will be empty.

The next girl that comes along that you are interested in, don’t pussy-foot around about it. “Man Up” and ask her on a date where she clearly knows that you are interested in her romantically. If you get turned down, keep it moving….the best winners don’t let the losses affect them.

The other thing you need to do is tell your female friends to get your back. If they are TRULY your friends, they will help you. Tell them, “This friend zone joke has been a lot of fun, but I could use your help to find a new love. When a new girl comes into the circle, can you check with me to see if I find her interesting?”

Man Up Shane! Talk to your female friends about getting your back and report back to me on what they said. Also, ask a few girls out. Hope this helps! You know IMYAFRIEND, I mean IMYAGIRL! 😛



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