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Ep. 135: June 14, 2016

Trump On Show. JV Offers Natasha Closet For 2 BJ’s.

On Today’s Show:

Taking babies to the movies. The Conjuring 2 review. Elvis has a wiener to lean on. Elvis strikes out again? Elvis stressing about striking out. Talking sports anchor Dennis O’donnell. Response to guy mad about Trump bashing. Donald Trump calls the show. Elvis’ new apartment caught on fire. Stinky dogs. Getting buried with your pets. Swat stand off. Man on horseback lasso suspect. JV cleans out his storage unit. JV offers Natasha his closet for 2 b.j.’s. Elvis has horrible taste. Will a dog protect your home if offered a steak? JV’s new scheme to save money. Elvis highly recommends OJ documentary.