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Ep. 97: April 11, 2016

Someone Tries To Steal Natasha’s Man! Yorkie W Big One.

On Today’s Show:

Natasha’s new nickname. Natasha’s family turns on her. Burger King prank. Who’s the klutz? Christie Ally backing Trump. IMYAGirl Advice about a crying baby at the gym. Amanda Jane Cooper from the Wicked musical in studio. JV and Natasha juicing and back to the gym. JV drops Captain America in public. Someone tries to steal Natasha’s man again?! JV proves he’s a great husband. Elvis can’t remember he’s been to the doctor 15 times. Horrible Trump shirt. Orange Stone National Park. Idiot Ass. Lady run over while sunbathing. Vietnam Vet saves Waffle House register. Laughing without smiling. Elvis now lives with a Yorkie dog who has a big one. Bird sex.