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Ep. 139: June 20, 2016

Natasha & Selena’s Beav -Survey On Fav Beav Style

On Today’s Show:

JV and Natasha funny trip to vet. Strange pet names. People crap just like their dogs. Anus rag donation. Natasha wants to laser her beaver. Does JV have right to protest the amount of beaver pelt Natasha lasers? Elvis mad at people licking fingers at restaurants. JV mad at Elvis over his toe fungus. Talking with Dennis O’Donnell about the Warrior’s loss. Natasha asks how Selena shaves her beaver. Survey on the downstair’s hairdo. Drunk Guy calls tow truck place. NBA trying to give a message to women. Doris the slurring broadcaster. Car runs over Hell’s Angels. Toddler can dance but not poop on toilet. Elvis in a car wreck. Is Elvis really meditating? GOP losing sponsor money. Law maker wants to drug test the rich.