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Ep. 113: May 10, 2016

Natasha Gives A Crap’s Ass. JV & Elvis Have Yellow Teeth.

On Today’s Show:

Elvis gets a horrible new hair cut. People hating on the Warriors. Lady molested by another lady on plane. JV & Elvis’ yellow teeth. Teen falls from Jumbo tron. Would you flee the scene of someone’s accidental death? JV’s high school helmet hair do. The great egg drop on your chin. Natasha gives a crap’s ass. Girl scalped by carnival ride. Girl scaled by electric corn. Man hits scrotum with electric sander. JV’s painting disaster. Elvis & JV pushed down as kids and both broke their teeth. Is it weird JV thinks Natasha was hot as a teen? IMYAGirl’s Advice letter- girl found something in her boyfriend’s phone. JV’s passionate about snoopers.