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Ep. 109: May 2, 2016

Stripper Spray. JV Changing His Name. Dating Advice

On Today’s Show:

JV & Natasha’s $300 car wash. Stripper spray. Elvis moves again. Elvis hit by trash then watched someone get run over. IMYAGirl Natasha’s advice letter – A guy I’m newly dating has photos of me hanging on his walls. JV has photos up in frames of Natasha’s friends. JV’s cleaner hides Natasha’s photo in his underwear drawer. Elvis mad hot chicks aren’t visiting him on the show. Ghostbusters trailer sets a record for the most disliked trailer in history. Huge earthquake in Equator-Man found alive under rock. Vegan restaurant owners attacked for eating meat. Elephants retired at circus. Lady sees her dog’s image on side of barn . Elvis’ inflate-a-date. Men trimming downstairs. JV changing his name to J-Yi. What mother’s want for mother’s day.