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Does She Need To Know?

I didn’t even c*m!

As you know, I post a video every week, where I read a letter of someone looking for advice. Many times I’ll have the person read it to me in a video. I have to skip the video part of the feature this week, because I’m a little bit sick. But, here is a new one below, please share your opinions!

My response will be on Dog House podcast #21 (search Dog House Empire on iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher)!

Dear Natasha,

Wow, it seems like you talk to a lot of cheaters. I don’t consider myself a cheater, but I did have an incident.

I am in a relationship. Instead of sharing a lot of details, I’ll just say I started to do it with someone, but after less than a minute I stopped. I didn’t even c*m.

My question is, because I realized the mistake and immediately corrected it, and I have no desire to do it again, do I need to tell my girlfriend about this incident? Yes, it’s keeping something from her, but this is not an issue in my life and by her knowing about this 40 second encounter, it could leave her mind ALWAYS focused on that moment rather than enjoying the great things that come from our relationship?




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Posted by Natasha Yi on Thursday, May 7, 2015


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