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Her Friend Made A Move On Me!

Should I tell my girlfriend?


Dear Natasha,

I’ve been with my girlfriend for about a year. We both don’t hang out with friends much. Recently, though, she started hanging out a girl from her work. This girl didn’t show any signs of flirting with me or anything, but then, suddenly the other night, she made a move on me.

She was at our house watching The Butler. When my girlfriend went to the bathroom, I joked around and said, “Honey, I’ll miss you. I’m going to be sad while you are gone.” Then her friend said, “aw do you need a hug?” She then hugged me and I swear to god she kissed me!

What I’m wondering is, if I should tell my girlfriend. I like this girl hanging out with us. She’s a lot of fun. I don’t want to start any shit, especially if this is just her way of joking?? But, what if she tells my girlfriend we kissed? What if she said I was the one that made a move?

What makes all of this tense, is that my girl has asked me a couple of times, if I think she’s hot. She is, but how do I answer that. The truth is, I’d like to have a threesome with her and my girl. J/K Seriously though, should I say yes she is hot?

Thank you,
Jayden ( not my real name, cuz my girl follows you on FB and Instagram)




Hey Jayden,

Watch out!! The thing sounds like a setup….a test!!! I mean, come on, she doesn’t usually hang with friends and suddenly someone from her work is her bestie??? Then right when your girl goes to the restroom she goes for it? This COULD be the one-year test to make sure she wants to spend forever with you. The chances of that being the case here are low, however, YOU should ALWAYS act like it is. Just think, “My girl is testing me, so I’ll go tell her.” Then you are going to stay outa trouble. I think you should ALWAYS ask yourself anyway, “Would my girl want to know that this thing just happened?”

The one potential problem here is that you waited. Your girl might wonder, why you didn’t say anything when it happened? Were you thinking of not telling me? Were you contemplating something further with this girl? If she asks these questions, just let her know that this is something you never dealt with before and you weren’t sure what to do. Your intent was not to withhold information…it was out of fear of creating a bunch of drama because you’re not sure if it was a joke or serious …but you came to your senses, realizing, of course, my girl would want to know.

Lastly, if your girl ever asks you if a girl is attractive and she is, just say “Yes, I can see that she is an attractive person, but don’t mistake that for me having any interest.”

Hope this helps you, you lucky bastard that has women throwing themselves at you!


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