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Ep. 100: April 14, 2016

Sex Advice. Elvis Having Sex W JV’s Sister. Gross Things.

On Today’s Show:

A listener wants Natasha to have her own talk show. Seven gross things couples do-Popping each other’s pimples, trimming. You need to make $1 million dollars a year to get by in the Bay Area. Sports director of KPIX, Dennis O’Donnell. Natasha gives sex advice. Getting past the horny hump. Kid with autism attacks crowd. JV mad at overpriced art. JV finger painted the bathroom. Natasha flashes back to first impression. JV claims no one really meets online for dating. Idiots on board Jet Blue. Natasha named her New Show. Elvis having sex with JV’s sister? Who is the REAL Elvis? Cuz I don’t know who you are!