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Ep. 27: November 30, 2015

S.F. Shooting. Elvis Doesn’t Fart. JV Wrecked His Drone.

On Today’s Show:

Natasha’s ZIT! Elvis no pumpkin pie. Natasha & JV were at San Francisco shooting. Kobe’s retirement. Captured terrorists crying like a baby. Elvis doesn’t fart anymore. Mary Kate Olson gives away bowls of cigarettes. Top box office numbers. JV double whammy by the homeless. JV wrecked his new drone. Live grenade found at goodwill. Man attacked his roommates for hogging bathroom. Guy stuck in chimney. Who’s the dummy picking up a strange backpack or baseball cap? Is Johnny Depp selfish? Nutcase jumps the White House fence. JV & Natasha scammed at Burger King.