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Should I Tell Her?

There was a double homicide…

Dear Natasha,

My wife and I have been looking for a house in San Jose for 2 years, that we can afford and still be happy with.

I usually go look at stuff first, because when she goes with me, if she falls in love with a house and we can’t afford it she gets super bummed out.

The good news is, I found one that I love. My wife absolutely loves too. Its slightly over what we can afford, but I’m willing to work over time, because she wants it really bad.

The bad news? Yesterday, I found out why the house is so affordable. There was a double homicide in it. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever, but my wife does. I don’t wanna lose this house that we finally found over some angels and demons crap… no offense. I know if I tell her there was a double homicide in the house, she won’t move there and then we are back to never owning a home. I know you guys say that you should ALWAYS be honest, no matter what, but what if it means losing a home over something that’s just in someone’s head? Because, honesty, if she never knew that a murder took place in this home, she would wouldn’t have one issue… that’s a fact.

If your opinion is that I should tell her about the house’s history, that pisses me off…how is that fair to me. I’ve worked way to hard for two years to find us the right house.

The Non Believer





Dear Non Believer,

I get that you don’t believe in spirits BUT you are married to someone that does. You can’t just ignore a big part of who your wife is because you have your “eye on the prize”. If and WHEN your wife finds out about the homicide, she not only has to deal with her feelings about possible lingering spirits, but the fact you knew about it and didn’t tell her. She’ll rightfully think to herself, “He will do anything to get what he wants…even if it means bypassing my feelings that seem to be insignificant in this relationship.”

Now, don’t give up on the house yet!! Show her you care by contacting a medium and another person that deals with spirits. Tell your wife that you think the house will be amazing and you have found someone that will help these spirits go find peace. Even if you don’t believe in this, it will show some effort in understanding. Maybe she’ll be open to having the house spiritually cleansed.

NOTE: I had to send this response in to “Non Believer” on Monday because he needed to know what to do ASAP. He took my advice and his wife is open to getting the house. She first wants to see what her psychic friend and her church’s preacher thinks after praying in the house. I think that’s fair!!

SECOND NOTE: I was getting may tattoo lasered again yesterday. As you know, I’m trying to get an awful tattoo removed from my arm! Anyway, the poor technician that I’ve been going to was really sad. He told me that his mother passed. When I told him about my birth mother’s passing and all of the spiritual experiences I had afterwards, he said, ” Oh my God! I didn’t want to tell anyone what happened to me because I feared they would think that I was crazy.” He told me about how he was laying down and as he was about to go to sleep, his mother grabbed his arm very firmly. He knew 100 percent that it was her. He also talked about other experiences that I know he’s not making up. What was most interesting to me is when he felt her presence. It happened in what I call the spiritual zone. It’s the place people try to get to when they meditate. Some where between awake and right before going to sleep is where you connect with the other side. It’s hard to get to that sweet spot and stay there because we usually fall asleep.

I never knew about this place until JV from Wild 949 taught me how to get there. I’m trying to get him to make a video so that I can share it on the site. He teaches people how to find that spot in meditation and stay there. He said that he will make a video for my readers after he finishes a couple very important projects.




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