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Ep. 93: April 1, 2016

Slut Or Experimental? Natasha Pregnant? Sister’s Sex Tape

On Today’s Show:

JV has no idea who people are at work. Slut or Experimental? Is Natasha pregnant? Elvis now eats at the movies like JV & Natasha. Trump not beating Hillary. Crack down on fake service animals. JV secretly threw away Natasha’s things. Sports questions. Who’s worse, the cheater or the rat? Tax payers spent $7 billion on stadiums. Slut debate. Would you watch your sister’s sex tape? JV & Elvis were adolescent pervs. Surgeon finds 18 toothbrushes in stomach. JV shares personal story being up high for 3 days. Charlie Sheen threatens he would pay $20k to kick ex’s head in. Knowingly knew.