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Ep. 124: May 26, 2016

Epic Show Natasha Nails 2 Impressions Says JV & Elvis

On Today’s Show:

Elvis has a crush on our guest. JV apologizes for being mean to lady with a mustache yesterday. Talking in studio with hot mom Jasmine and 17 year old daughter Jezabelle. Dog House tries to help mother/daughter see each other’s side. Elvis in love with the mother – could this be his future girl? What did this tweet to Natasha really mean? Listener discovers photos of Natasha in public bathroom. Natasha NAILS an impression according to the guys. Elvis wants a scooter… hahahaha. Guy gets high and turns into a poop bandit. 60k jobs gone to robots. Natasha nails robot impression. Elvis discovered something that will change your life. Michigan panhandlers fined. Smoking cigarettes and pole. JV complains to Natasha about not leaving on time.