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Ep. 117: May 16, 2016

How You Get Eye Mites. JV & Elvis Rip Dennis Hof

On Today’s Show:

JV & Natasha went to a wedding. JV found his old producer’s wife in the prize closet. Things that need to stop at weddings. Update on Elvis’ date. JV & Elvis rip Dennis Hof from Love Ranch (on the phone) because he wants Lamar Odom back at the ranch. Surprise, Kenyan wins race. Natasha witnessed a burglary. Natasha saw a cow meeting a unicorn. How you get eye mites. Stupid people. GPS leads driver right into a lake. Guy records a crash victim before helping. People remove bison from wilderness because it looked cold. Burping and farting. Shout out to our DH loyals in Atlanta and all people that have a DOG HOUSE shirt!