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Ep. 118: May 18, 2016

S. Korea Cloning Pets & Humans. Advice Seg Stolen.

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Elvis has a frog in his throat. JV ate his pet in a soup. Signs dentist is ripping you off. Elvis obsessing about the eye mites. Bringing in disease by wearing shoes. Could you date a crier? Elvis’ long lost cuckoo connection. Split it, Lick it, Hit it, Quit it. Yoni massage for women. Nick Hawk the Gigolo. Long time fan, first time caller. Natasha’s advice segment STOLEN! IMYAGirl’s advice- husband cheated w woman and now trying to give money her kids. South Korea cloning dogs and humans. Lady found god in baby’s diaper. Walmart sex toy thief. Cow farts. Talking with Lauren Weber of the Huffington Post about viral video of lying Hillary Clinton caught in a thousand lies and Google’s new car.