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Ep. 106: April 26, 2016

JV’s Sandpaper Hand-J. Living W Strippers. Advice

On Today’s Show:

JV cut break lines on someone’s car at work. City puts walking signs in streets so people can keep texting and walking. Video camera in your eye ball. Ass burger. Ladies and uncomfortable shoes. Natasha’s feet sorrow. Elvis has 2 different size feet. JV’s sandpaper hand-j. God awful streets in SF. Kelly Ripa paid big money. Old man balls in Iceland. Cashier at Safeway greasing Natasha w Monopoly stack. Elvis living with strippers. The math behind losing socks. Elvis the kitchen thief. Slouchers are weaklings. Elvis is short. IMYAGirl Natasha advice- Am I a loser to wear my rock band shirt at the concert? And another advice letter- I’m a nice guy in love w my co-worker.