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Ep.86: March 21, 2016

Sexting, Doggie & Porn. Paying For Protection. Undies.

On Today’s Show:

Natasha’s movie pay. Natasha funny acting role. JV’s Birthday rock survives. Elvis watched Hulk Hogan’s porn and says he’s packing. Elvis’ sext buddy did what!!?. Smarter you are the less you want friends. Elvis’ big ears. Natasha’s pissed in grocery line. CEO of Twitter talks about negativity, blocking & trolling. Friends carry disabled friend across Europe. Elvis run over by car. Subway Jared Fogle paying for protection in prison. Amy Schumer’s big tip. Naked & harry Burt Reynolds. Kevin Spacey is a mascot. IMYAGirl Natasha’s advice on wife wanting to walk around in her undies. Guys cry over tv shows. Natasha never cries. JV vs. Natasha on returning things.