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There’s a story in the news right now about a girl who found a severed lizard head in her salad. Ugggg…it just got me to thinking about all the disgusting experiences I’ve had with food. I’m going to list just a few and then turn it over to you!

1) I took a bite into a salad and I pulled out a nasty, long piece of blonde hair out of my mouth. Note my hair was completely black at the time. When I told the manager there was a long hair in my salad, he said he would comp the salad for me. I was SO grossed out.

2) I was starving after a flight. I told my friend to stop at the first drive thru out of the airport. We ordered up. When we turned the corner to pick up the food from the window, a huge rat jumped in front of the car from behind the drive thru menu. Yuck!

3) The first evening after I moved to New York, I ate at a sushi restaurant. It was a nice little place…so I thought. After dinner, I went to the restroom. I opened the stall door. The entire wall was covered with roaches. They were crawling up and down the walls. It looked like a flowing fountain of roaches!

4) I went down to Long Beach to check out some motorcycles. A little burger joint was next door. I ordered a burger and fries. I went into the bathroom.  No water, no soap, no toilet paper… I came out and looked around to where they were cooking and preparing the food. No gloves. No area for washing hands. Dirt everywhere. I walked outside and saw a grade F sheet on the window! (In southern California, all the restaurants have a sheet in the window with a posted grade.) I decided to pull the meat out and give it to my dogs so the money I spent wouldn’t go to total waste. They took one sniff and turned their heads. They wouldn’t eat hamburger meat!!! What dog refuses hamburger meat???  You can read my yelp review about it here.

Do you feel like throwing up yet? Ugggg… Makes me sick just thinking of these situations. Has this ever happen to you? Have you ever found something really disgusting in your food or at a restaurant?