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Something Embarrassing

Sometimes this feature will be short and simple.
So simple, you know, like poppin’ a pimple.
Wait….did I just rhyme?
I think I did.
Like a lemon or lime
Check it out kid.
I just typed on the I-pad, but I- added a twist.
Guess I can scratch rappin’ off my bucket list
When I’m done with this post
I’ll be model and host
They’ll be calling me a rapper
They”ll be making me a toast
They’ll be trying to butter me up
By handing me a key
To the city, not Walter Mitty
This shit is real for Natasha Yi.

WHOA!!! Why the flock did I just start rhyming? Seriously, I just wanted to say that the post about my life today was going to be simple.

Check this out.

Yesterday I went to a the movie premiere of “Joe”, starring Nicolas Cage….because I like movies that are poorly acted. ๐Ÿ˜› I was sitting with someone I’m really close with. The previews were playing extremely loud. So I had to talk loud too. I needed to talk just loud enough so that he could hear me, but no one else would. So I leaned over and……right as I started to yell-speak, everything went silent. And the whole theatre heard me say very loudly…. “I’m so fucking bloated from being on my period!” It just stayed silent after that for a few seconds. One person said, “Did you hear what that girl just said?” And I heard another girl say, “okay that’s just a little too much information.” Well, yeah! I wasn’t trying to tell everyone!

Have you done this before?
Have fallen to the floor
Have you thought the door was open
Then you hit the screen door?
Have you recently done something
That you were embarrassed about?
Or have you rapped as you typed for no reason?
Oh, you haven’t? Then I’m out!!