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JV and I put together a GoFundMe campaign and hope you will help.  The donations of love will go directly to the Manriquez family of Jauna, Sergio & son Aaron.

JV heard that a 12 year fan of his morning radio show, Aaron Manriquez has been battling cancer for many years. JV & Natasha went to visit Aaron at George Mark Children’s home. Because Aaron has tumors and has had extensive radiation treatment in his legs he is unable to walk, but he still loves to dance. So they had a big dance party, played music & games & had a lot of laughs. They have remained close friends since. They talk and text one another and hang out. The thing they are most impressed by is Aaron’s attitude. He is so positive. He loves to write songs about dancing and being a good person. 2 days ago at the hospital he sang a song he wrote called “You Must Follow Your Dreams.

Check out Aaron’s Song

At the end of 2014, it seemed that Aaron’s cancer had stopped. He even started to walk a little with help at UCSF. We believed strongly that it was due to all of the prayers. Aaron was able to go home. He returned to UCSF a couple of times for pain management. While he was there he told his doctor, he’s glad his cancer is gone. The doctor decided to be honest and tell Aaron that it’s not gone, but it has stopped growing. That made Aaron’s head hang for a minute. The thing about Aaron is he never complains. When we visit, we can see that he’s in pain, but he doesn’t talk about it.

Recently while at home the pain was unbearable, even with all of the medication so he returned to the UCSF. They did further testing and found not only is the cancer in his legs and hip, but he now has a large tumor in his lungs. The doctors told Aaron’s parents that he would be able to hold on a month or maybe two at the most.

We are always positive during his visits. We never once talked about how unfair we feel this all is. But as JV and I were talking with Aaron’s Mom in the hallway, they all broke down in tears. JV finally said, “it’s just not fair, he’s such a good kid, he’s always trying to make others happy.” His mother Juana said, “I know he recently saw me crying and said, “it’s okay Mom, no matter what happens, even if I die, I will always, always be in your heart.””

The only time that Aaron got upset is because he overheard a conversation about their bills not getting paid and they couldn’t make rent. He said, I’m sorry Mom, this is all my fault.

Aaron’s father is amazing. He works long hours and then comes immediately to the hospital. He only sleeps 3-4 hours a night. We don’t think that’s right either. If his son has been given a month or two left, Sergio should not have to go to work. Obviously, if he doesn’t, they will be so far behind they will get evicted.

We are asking 2 things:

1) Please donate anything you can, so that Aaron’s father Sergio can spend this time left with his son. They are way behind on many bills, but that is something they will somehow be able to live with. We are just hoping to cover rent for a month and a half.

2) Can you please send 12 year old Aaron a letter of love?  Or whatever is in your heart? Please write about anything except details of his illness.  He loves the Giants, Gaming, Wild 94.9 & music.  He actually writes beautiful songs of positivity.

Letters or gifts for Aaron can be sent to:

UCSF Children’s Hospital
Room #C6943-08
1975 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94158
Any letters should be sent soon.

Link to GoFundMe for Aaron:

NOTE on donations:  If it causes you any stress or need to judge others, maybe pass this time.  We would like a true energy of love for Aaron and his family. Thank you so much.  <3

A final note: As JV struggled to make sense of why something like this happens to such a good kid like this, he thought I had the best answer. I said, maybe he’s an angel here to show us that despite our conditions we can be kind and inspire and dream… he has brought out the best in people.