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Should I Be Concerned?

It’s My Life -Should I Be Concerned?

I recently bought a new washer & dryer. It looks like something out of the future. It has lights and complex buttons and timers and it beeps and plays music ALL THE TIME!

Last week I pushed the button to play and the digital screed displayed “check filter”!

So, I did what anyone would do. I removed the filter and stuck a big plastic straw in the open space and wiggled it around…trying to free any jammed lint. Then OH NO! I dropped the straw!

I called the LG repair service, but they keep rescheduling the appointment when the technician discovers my washer/dryer set is stacked. So, in the meantime, I’ve decide to use the dryer with the plastic straw in it. Is this asking for trouble? Friday night, I got the life scared out of me because I was running the dryer and the fire alarm went off on the whole building. We evacuated and the fire department had to clear us to go back in. False Alarm. I swear the alarm didn’t go off because of me!

Let me know what to do!!