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She’s Becoming A Woman

My little puppy, Lenisee, is going into heat already. I don’t like that! She’s only 5 months old. Have you heard of this before? …a puppy going into heat at barely 5 months? I’m curious, also, if she has her period already at this age, does that mean other dogs will try and get with her? Dose that mean she can already become pregnant? Her body doesn’t seem ready. Look how tiny she is.


I’ve heard various answers on when they can be spayed. I know some dogs are spayed as early as 4 months. I hear that’s not good for dogs though, because it stops so many things from developing. I talked my good friend Lenise yesterday, who I named Lenisee after, and she said that I should definitely wait 18 months. NO DOGS BETTER TRY TO DATE HER IN THAT TIME! ERRRRR

Not to be gross, but the smell is nasty!!

Do you have dogs/puppies? I’d love to see and hear about them.