Begs For Jail To Get Away From Nagging Wife

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A Drug Dealer On House Arrest Begs To Go To Prison To Get Away From His Nagging Wife 32-year-old Walid Chaabani of Livorno, Tuscany, Italy is really putting MARITAL BLISS into perspective. Walid was convicted of drug dealing recently, and got sentenced to house arrest. And we’re not sure how long he was stuck in […]



This Is FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKEEEED Up! This is the most determined human being I’ve ever seen! Anyone have a better title for this video?   (screen shot from “Une Femme est Une Femme”)

Over A MILLION!!!!

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Thank you all who liked my facebook page ~> <~ bringing it to over 1 million! Your support means the world to me! I’m working on a special treat for you all that helped bring my page to a million! I will be announcing something for you real soon! Also, I’m cleaning up my […]

Doritos Locos Tacos Creator Dies

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  Todd Mills, who originally had the idea for the Doritos Locos Tacos, died last weekend after never receiving a penny for this invention. Todd Mills thought of the idea of using a taco shell made of Doritos back in 2009 and wrote to the chip company They turned his idea down, but later gave […]

Best Sports Bloopers Of 2013


2013’s Funniest Sport Fails Compilation  

What To Do?

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What do I do when Lenisee falls asleep in my arm while I’m driving a stick shift? I stayed in 2nd gear until she woke up. LoL (Please note that I am just joking when I say I stayed in 2nd gear. I have a doggie pouch on if you watch the video closely. She […]


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Check out this Doritos commercial I co-produced/directed, starring my little boy Dexter!

Ironman Magazine Preview

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Guess who was asked to shoot for Ironman Magazine’s annual swimsuit issue again!! IMYAGirl!!!!!!!! Be sure to pick up your copy on newsstands now! Here’s a preview of what you will see inside.  

Gangsta Grandma


I know this is an old video, but it’s still funny! 😛  

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