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Meat No Mo!

This is my life….and I’m making a change.

I’m going to try and give up red meat. The goal is to eventually eliminate all meats. Sunday was actually my last of it. I’m curious, have you tried giving up red or all meat? Were you able to stick with it? How hard was it? I’m also wondering what your reasons were?

Please don’t attack me for my reason. We are all different. I’m not trying to force my opinion on you, just sharing mine. When I was young I simply looked as animals as animals…just things that existed that had no soul. Since having my pups I look at animals totally different. I look into their eyes and other animals now and see something I connect to.

I’ve thought for a while now that there is no reason for me to contribute to the mass slaughter and consumption of animals. I feel a little bit wrong for waiting this long. I also feel a little bit wrong for only giving up red meat, but I need to start somewhere. Again, I’m not judging anyone else. And I’m not following anyone’s path. This is my own. HOWEVER, if there is anyone else that has thought of giving it up, it would be awesome to do it together! We can check in on occasion to see how it’s all going. Lemme know!! And please, share your thoughts!