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I’m Making A Change….

A change be coming Y’all!

The plan has always been to open the site with a few features, but not be married to any of it. After a few months, I’m pretty clear about what I want to remain and what is kind of a small waste of time. The features that you seem to enjoy more, like the advice letters and new photos are the ones that I also like. So, I’m going to spend more time on those and I’m going to present them in a new, cleaner and fresher way that I think you’ll really dig! I’ll still be sharing my life. And I’ll also have plenty of content that we can discuss.

I appreciate you taking this journey with me. Please be patient as my team finishes the last touches on the new design. Because they are working on it, I need to refrain from posting a lot of daily content. However, please check back regularly for important messages.  Smoooches!

PLEASE NOTE:  The drawing for the FREE hoodie will be this Friday!! Please stand by for the time.