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I HATE My Tattoo

This is my life


I have to go AGAIN to have my tattoo zapped this Friday.

I’ve been going through the process of getting the tattoos on my arms removed for a year now! It’s been a long and painful road.

Why did I get them in the first place? I was out running with the dogs one day and I got tangled in their leashes. I put my hand out to break my fall, but I broke my wrist instead. It was a bad break. I had to have surgery and pins placed in my wrist. The result was a lot of scarring.

I wanted the ugly scars covered, so I went in to get a tattoo. I pretty much knew what I wanted, but I needed the guy to draw it and let me see it on my wrist first. Instead, he kept pushing what he wanted to do. He had me so stressed out. After an hour, he said, “Well, you obviously don’t want a tattoo.” I said, “yes I do, but I need to see some examples.” He essentially wanted me to just trust him. Like an idiot, I did. I guess I deserve all the pain of getting it removed for allowing this to happen.

I was scared to get the whole thing lasered at once, in case it didn’t work right. I’ve been getting small sections of it removed at a time…each section can take several treatments, and you have to wait a long time between each session, so it’s taking forever. Did I mention how painful it is? It’s 20 times more painful than getting a tattoo. It’s also costing me thousands for all these visits.

LEARN FROM ME- Be sure about your tattoo! Don’t let anyone pressure you! See it drawn on first, and be TOTALLY happy!

Do you have any tattoos that you regret? Tell me about it…and let me see!