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Handling An A-Hole

How Do I Handle This?

Like I said yesterday, I live in a condo with a lot of residents. The lady that used to park next to me was very sweet and respectful of my space. I was to her as well. I’m not sure if she moved out or changed parking spots, because someone new has been parking next to me for the last week or so. I should say, they have been parking ON ME practically. This person parks over the line and so close to my car, sometimes I can hardly get in. Last night, I wanted to go to the grocery store, but I couldn’t get in my side of the car. The passenger side had a bunch of dry cleaning hung up over the seat to be dropped off this morning. So, I just said forget it. Obviously I was irritated.

Help me out! How do I handle this? One friend told me to start parking close to their door so they can’t get in. I’m worried they are going to scratch my car up though. I thought about leaving a note, but won’t that piss them off?

Can you give me some similar stories, how you handled it, or any advice that might work? IMYAgirl!!