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Ep. 91: March 30, 2016

JV Busted On Scam. Natasha’s Impressions. Spitting & Hitting

On Today’s Show:

Elvis says JV ruined his new love match. Lady at our house had bad feet. Trump campaign manager roughing up a female? Cat turds cause anger in humans. Idiot got a selfie with Egyptian Air hijacker. Who is more sexist? JV or Natasha? Natasha opening act for comedians? Two chicks spitting and hitting. Car bumper in stomach of a sperm whale. Guy falls off the cross during Easter Show. Guy drunk drives with wife on top of car. Natasha busts JV in a sleep scam. Top 10 jobs in demand. Cali drought still in effect. Cops ticketing dorks on bicycles. Raccoon gangs.