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Ep. 141: June 22, 2016

Crazy Dreams. Natasha Screams. Flying Last Class.

On Today’s Show:

JV’s horrible nightmare of a crashing plane. Elvis and Natasha analyze JV’s dream. Natasha’s dreams are all ‘environmental’. Natasha screams in her sleep. Calling a baby an ‘it’. Average person has .14 grams of unwiped fecal matter on them at all times. Cheetos that look like something else. Lawyer hires hooker, realizes it’s his son’s girlfriend! Airlines offering customers to fly last class. Elvis hit up by very famous chick. Ripping on ugly babies. Fighting young kid mobs. Weirdos that drive ice cream trucks. Pedophile profile pics on Tinder. JV almost killed a listener. JV and Elvis admit they are really emotional.