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Ep. 126: May 31, 2016

Your Beard Has Sh*t In It. When Hammocks Attack Ppl.

On Today’s Show:

WHOA! Somebody got a bad hair-dye job! Jockeys told they can whip horses even more. Elvis car got hit. JV & Natasha’s mystery nail in the tire. Elvis white nipple hair. JV porn embarrassment. Horrible porn titles. WORLD’S WORST PSYCHIC on the show! Fast food robot pizza. Zika virus will not slow the Olympics. High percentage of beards have sh*t in them. Lady killed in hammock. Elvis carpet don’t match the drapes? Elvis yelled at for helping dog. Kim K’s sex tape still on demand. Psychic Gary Spivey put a hex on 2 people – they died. JV’s hairy crack wax and laser.