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Contact From Aliens

I posted this in the ‘Daily Convo’, but you will also see it in ‘Ya Girl’s Life’.  I wrote this in response to a post a couple days ago. You can review it again here if you’d like.  I take photos quite often in lingerie and bikinis because that seems to be the only thing you want! 😛 lol But now that I have your attention, I’d like you to know that there is another side to me that wants to talk about other things sometimes.

So, I don’t think we have been contacted by PHYSICAL life forms. We know there is no intelligent life in our solar system that we can see. If we set our sights on another star with rotating planets, we have to remember that the light we see is many light years away. And the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. I just don’t see alien life, getting into some sort of space ship, traveling at the speed of light for a thousand years and hitting the breaks near earth. The important thing to remember is, IF alien life looked out into space and saw our sun, they might be looking at a star that died thousands of years ago.

Before I continue, no I am not high!! i have thought and talked about this quite a bit.

If you noticed, I said I don’t believe we have been contacted physically. I think if we were going to be contacted, it would be through our brains. Our brain is simply a receiver, that receives signals and translates them into an experience. We are receiving all vibrations with the five senses we have as humans. Everything we see and hear and touch is a vibration that was sent and then we pick it up. I believe that people have been contacted, but not physically. When normal people, like doctors, lawyers, and teachers talk about horrific experiences from aliens we should listen. Maybe they did not pick up on a frequency from the eyes or ears. Maybe intelligent life could bypass a person’s senses and almost force contact directly. Force might be the wrong word. Our minds might just need to be in a certain state.

I think we are used to dealing with things on a certain frequency. But if people alter things by getting too high or too relaxed, they become open to more. What if people that get super high and claim to see shit, do inside the mind? What if people claim to have spiritual wakening from meditations do inside the mind? Is it possible that all alien encounters have taken place at night because that is when our minds leave the conscious state and it’s during that time, when we are not in control, and the frequency of the brain has changed, that contact would be made?

I don’t think contact is made often, because the beings attempting it operate on a level so far beyond us that it would be like us fucking with the mind of an infant.. not only is it wrong, what would we gain from something that just cries and giggles?

ONE MORE QUESTION: What if there was such a thing as ‘demons’ and ‘angels’? And, they don’t exist in the clouds or in the earth’s crust, but rather, everywhere around us? If you want me to lay out a strong case, as to why, this probably is the case, I can do it in another post. But, only if a lot of you want me to go further with this. If this all seems too bizarre, let’s cut it off here. Sometimes when I talk about this stuff with friends, I feel like a pet owner that has just showed his dog a brand new card trick. Now, imagine the dog’s response. LOL