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Ep. 179: August 17, 2017

On Today’s Show:

JV’s nose itch. Annabelle Creation review. JV’s new video idea. Natasha screaming Dodge Dart rental. Boss’s recommendation for hard worker’s. There’s an up swing in cancer due to this. Natasha’s famous ‘“Eat The Pu**y”! More fake laughing. Lady born without a ‘virginia’. Elvis hits a milestone. Reviewing Elvis’ instagram. Yet another new car service. Highlighting a new young artist filled with pain and rage XXXtentacion.

Ep. 178: August 10, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Taylor Swift’s ass. Hold my nut’s day. Reasons to skip church. Partying at the Vatican. Men that fake orgasms. A couple had sex at the fair. Chipotle’s new food item. Elvis has a cure for JV’s baldness. The dirty comb. Elvis is the voice of god. Backstage food. Our fake laughs. The coroner’s job. The tv show Botched. Natasha upset with some fans.

Skunk In The Car

There’s a skunk in Elvis’ rental car!

Pig Parts Junk Biter

The Dog House talks about pig parts replacing human parts and a soccer fan biting another man’s junk.

Ep. 177: August 3, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Do you know this prayer? Proof dogs are not color blind. Stripper ruined JV’s proposal to Natasha. Jewelry lady ruined JV’s gift to Natasha. Radio guys use to be rich. JV and Natasha’s funeral plans. Elvis has a business dog. JV and Natasha’s huge but ridiculous fight. JV and Natasha eating the babysitter’s underwear. Natasha clears up rumors about her doing porn.

Ep. 176: July 27, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Natasha officially a radio person! Yep, Nope game. New York listeners mad at the show. Hot women in New York. JV got jeez-waxed. Girl’s Trip review. Funny story about sneaking out of theatre. Elvis and Natasha’s false accusation prank calls. JV sex shop prank call.

Ep. 175: July 20, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Who needs a double chalupa? Angry lady at Taco Bell. No good Mexican food in New York. More Chipotle outbreaks. Natasha’s weird burrito technique. Flashback to New York. Rudy the know it all. Dog surfing championship. Dexter loves dead birds. Elvis needs surgery. Class action lawsuit. A tuffted deer. Actor David Carradine.

Ep. 174: July 6, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Who’s nicer – Natasha or JV? JV’s sad, nobody likes his pranks. Brand new hilarious prank calls. The meaning of Puerto Vallarta. JV swam in sewage. Call to JV’s mom. Update on Elvis’ dating life. Get that orange thing away from me! Natasha’s boob fell out! Bang-fest 2017! Strange things people google. Shouts to listeners. Elvis mattress removal reveals a big surprise. Natasha’s fan believes she really worked at the ‘Rush Hour 2’ massage parlor.

The Fart Show

The Dog House would rather go to a FART SHOW than a GUN SHOW.  Here’s why.

I Keep Forgetting: Part 1

When you leave this many things on the roof of your car, something is wrong…