Ep. 165: April 27, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Elvis skipped out on JV’s sister’s birthday. Natasha’s penthouse forum talk while JV did the dishes. Natasha’s real estate indecent proposal. C*ck Slap! Elvis’s softball game update. The Rose Buds. ESPN layoffs. JV’s rant about weed-zealots. Natasha mad at a listener. Rebecca Black- infamous for the world’s worst song ‘Friday’.

***If you noticed the wrong audio earlier, I apologize. The correct one is playing now!**

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Ep. 164: April 20, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Sh*t burgers. Natasha makes a demand. Elvis reveals scary results (tests POSITIVE!). Is it possible JV has a son? JV’s sister brought weed cookies to work. Synthetic pee for weed test. JV got randomly drug tested at work. Hilarious stories. Warning… a really gross story about our friend’s Graham roommate. Dog House does a crazy spiritual experiment on Elvis’ lip. Elvis’ nasty roommate. Hanging out with Weed Delivery Company for 4-20!

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Ep. 163: April 13, 2017

On Today’s Show:

JV’s bathroom story. Guys washing hands in the wrong order. JV lists everything wrong with Natasha. The secret revealed about satellite radio. The ONE good thing Natasha got out of her last relationship. Natasha lists everything bad about JV. Elvis refuses to watch movies with these 2 actors ever again. Social media superstar Anwar Jibawi.

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Ep. 162: April 6, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Our puppy’s weiner hair. Elvis explains his haircut. Should Elvis date Mama June? Natasha’s bizarre questions about having man parts. Natasha once c-blocked Elvis’ hooker date. Phone guest Kat Stacks (infamous for sleeping with many rappers). Some DH fans are horn-dogs! JV worried the show is going too far. Elvis’ nasty roommate. Natasha’s napkin showdown. Natasha and Elvis major fight over softball league.

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Ep. 161: March 30, 2017

On Today’s Show:

The movie Trainspotting. Has Natasha’s dad been listening to these nasty podcasts? Natasha’s guilty over-promising. JV’s birthday gift. People that forgot Natasha’s birthday. The cursing restaurant worker. Elvis has sad news about his brother. We have a new digital guy. Elvis tried to score on the former digital chick. Is ‘just the tip’ cheating? Elvis trying a new way to meet females (please don’t laugh). National Hot Tub Day. Have you heard of eproctophilia?

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Ep. 160: March 23, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Elvis is not Natasha’s real friend. Natasha upset with Elvis over birthday. Coke n hoes. Still no hummer. JV embarrassing incident at MRI. Natasha complains about JV’s selective hearing. Reaction to tampons and pads. New study – butter is healthy. Foods you should never feed your dog. Tom Brady’s stolen jersey. Things we have stolen.

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Ep. 159: March 17, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Natasha upset about a movie goer. The new female super heroes. Natasha reneged on JV’s birthday present. A new pain in the ass. Elvis assaulted the station manager. Natasha refuses to ‘gulp’. Sex in the hotel room. Amazing rental car. Natasha wants a bidet. JV’s dad’s toilet technique. Sadly Elis says good-bye to his best friend, doggie, ‘Pepper’. This podcast is dedicated to Pepper.

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Ep. 158: March 9, 2017

On Today’s Show:

The Dog House gives opinions on what movies you should see, types of movies we like and things we hate about theaters. They talk about why germs will never leave the planet. Natasha confronts JV about some late night sex – she thinks he’s lying. Elvis scored brownie points with an old lady. JV admits he’s the world’s worst husband.

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Ep. 157: February 15, 2017

On Today’s Show:

JV starts podcast with an outrageous claim. The stink in Elvis’ car. Why is it called a Pap Smear? Poor Natasha has to deal with dirty JV. Elvis’ Valentine’s date. A great Valentine’s Day pick up.

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Ep 156: December 7, 2016


On Today’s Show:

Elvis sex life and syndication update.

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