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Museum Man’s Dental Appointment

Museum Man calls a dental office to make an appointment for the first time ever!

Ep. 173: June 22, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Thank you Marko for the site! ‘Hot As F*ck’ prank calls. More listener shouts. How to find someone’s soul. Increase in swear words on television. Chicken Leg Bitch! No way this guy is straight. Stop embarrassing yourself white people. JV found worst thing ever at the movie theatre. Hipster calling something a bad mama jamma. Boy band tv show. Donald Trump one piece bathing suit. Friday Night Tykes. Wrong testicle removed. Carrie Fisher partying at 60. #1 fast food place in America. Amazing Jet Blue seats.

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Donkey Blinders

“Donkey Blinders” is a Dog House Bite about men in bathrooms from our TALK SHOW in San Francisco.

Ep. 172: June 15, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Thank you friends that shared our video on our new site! No more sh*t talk in the podcast. We hate Spider Man movies. Party planner prank calls. Selena joins the show to ask a personal question. Natasha demanding a follow up on what body part drugs were done on.

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Who’s The Best Actor?

The Dog House discusses performances by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. That turns into a debate over who has the best acting skills.

Available June 27th

Available June 27th

Available July 11th

Available July 11th …


Ep. 171: June 8, 2017

On Today’s Show:

Dog House blown away by something a listener did. The sweet and sour side of Natasha. Natasha got the dog food plate. JV offends Natasha. Hooker fart. Audio from Elvis’ colonoscopy. Elvis shows us the worst picture ever. Listeners letting the show down. JV and Elvis might connect with old radio buddy. Elvis prank call – Tourettes. Natasha attempts the same prank call. Warriors discussion. JV and Elvis shut down the KD haters. The secret to surviving cheating. Mummy reviews.

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Ep. 170: June 1, 2017

On Today’s Show:

JV busted wiping a booger on the console. 1 million to sleep with Natasha? Natasha contacted by a madame for world’s wealthiest men. The sad, sad paper weight. Trump supporter, Robert Lozano. Sean Spicer’s attempt to defend “covfefe”. Elvis continues his streak of bad luck. Elvis robbed! The new phone carrier called “Sprii”. Elvis blames some of his recent misery on JV. Elvis finds live animal under his bed. Natasha calls out the boys for being hypocrites. Elvis stood up his bumble date. Elvis reveals his new glasses. TV shows we’re watching. Dog House shout outs.

Listen to “170: Still The World’s Unluckiest Man” on Spreaker.